Find lyrics and videos found on 21st Century World here!

Tracks included are: 

Your World Now (4:06)

It Ain't Cool (3:48)

Charade (3:53)

True Believer (3:57)

Common Sense (3:15)

Bat Shit Crazy (3:37)

When Cinderella Dies (4:02)

Talkin' Bout A Revolution (3:07)

Analyzing Stars (3:40)

Coney Island Days (3:57)

September 12, 2016

Find lyrics and videos found on Angels On A Carousel here!

Tracks included are: 

The Will to Believe (3:55)

At the Dawn of Hallelujah Day (3:57)

What It's All About (3:36)

With Angels on a Carousel (3:23)

Things Are Changing (4:22)

In a Stormy Season (4:42)

Sun's Coming Up (3:32)

Neighborhood of My Dreams (4:38) 

All Those Years Ago (5:16) 

Beautiful History (3:22)

Find lyrics and videos found on The Burbank Sessions here!

Tracks included are:

One Beautiful Life (6:20)

These Shoes (5:59)

Why Aren't You Here (4:55)

September in Your Eyes (4:51)

Never Too Late (4:37)

Gentle Girl (5:13)

Alone (4:46)

Find lyrics and videos found on Life And The Romantic here!

Tracks included are:

Morning Song (3:45) 

Love Is Sacrifice (3:48) 

A Glass Of Red And The Sunset (4:43) 

Beyond Forever (5:00) 

It's Her Wedding Day (3:47) 

Turn Me On/off The Hook (5:19) 

The Sweetest Thing (3:52) 

Rainy Day Soul (5:18) 

Get Serious (3:43) 

The Amazing Amanda Grace (4:17)

Find lyrics and videos found on Rainy Day Soul here!

Tracks included are:

Show Me Who You Are (3:43) 

Le' Imagine' Cafe (4:10) 

Hey Chattie (3:46) 

Where Would I Be (3:55) 

Time to Be Free (3:59) 

All That Matters (3:29) 

Eagle In the Sky (4:07) 

No Exit (3:46) 

Whether or Not (2:49) 

Running Thru the Jungle (3:37)

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